Traffic-Shaping Discovery

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I noticed we can enhance the experience for our identified users coming from Instagram. The goal is accelerate discovery by engaging users in highly relevant product recommendations. The design is reminiscent of Instagram Stories and therefore, is a seamless transition from the discovery on social to onsite.

Because many of our fashion clients experience a lot of traffic through Instagram users, this was also a great opportunity for client delight. 


Veneda Carter

Age:  29
Location:  LA
Occupation:  Fashion Stylist
Household:  Lives with fiancé



Will often buy multiple colors or sizes of the same item and return the ones that do not work

Often browses Instagram for fashion photography inspiration and new clients to style

Loves to get ready but only on special occasions. Keeps it casual for everyday.


Wants to find durable basics for everyday that will look crisp with little maintenance.

Pain Points

Often can’t find items she was looking at because she didn’t save the product link and only has little time to browse

Is easily discouraged from shopping further when time spent browsing isn’t productive


Inspired by Instagram Stories, this concept is ergonomically mobile-friendly in its design and an organic continuity from in-app browsing.

Why it performs

Prolongs the discovery visit of identified users onsite.

Designed for Wunderkind


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