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During my time at Parsons, I was chosen to design an external partnership with Swarovski. The project consisted of a window installation to their holiday pop-up shop to be located at Chelsea Market.

The intent was to create a window installation that would highlight key elements of the Swarovski Ingredient brand while creating a show-stopping destination for tourists and locals alike. The theme would be a crystallized forest.

Forests have that kind of magical beauty that is in witnessing anything of great magnitude. To me, the enchantment of a forest comes from sensing this vastness. I designed an installation that would make the 9ft-deep window space feel endless. I sought to achieve this visual depth as a sort of compensation for the lack of conceptual depth in crystals.

Aside from their materiality, crystals don’t accommodate to core values of modern society, and their importance diminishes with time. An endlessly deep forest made of crystals, gives crystals a value they have never been able to achieve before.

An image of the background forest trunks is “printed” on a canvas of strings to give the illusion of depth. Flat forest trunks sized to perspective occupy the middle ground, while the foreground is composed of its 3-D versions. The geometric shape of the tree trunks sculpted in smooth texture highly contrast the rough, organic texture of the leave crystal clusters which embrace the trunks like mold.


The idea was to create the illusion of depth in a 9ft-deep window. Foliage would extend into a vantage point to enhance its dimension. I saw this visual depth as compensation for the lack of conceptual depth in crystals.

Designed in partnership with Swarovsksi & Parsons The New School

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