Gamified Urgency

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There’s an opportunity to enhance the urgency offerings in the Wunderkind onsite product. While urgency is a great performance, tactic a lot of e-commerce clients express concern over how countdown timers can hinder the experience of the end-user.

Gamification, like urgency, is a tactic that clients tend to love for its performance but still consider too cliché or game-y (ironically). In seeking to create a more elegant gamification option around the theme of urgency, I  came up with this “gamified urgency” concept.

I began by considering the messaging for our existing urgency and gamification strategies and found that:

    1. Our timers are not continuous throughout the experience and only appear in the first step.
    2. The drama around countdown timers creates a desire to either complete the task before it’s done or extend the time, pause the countdown. They are gamified in their nature.
    3. If a user does not engage, we must let the timer run out in order to be authentic.

Process & Implementation

On top of in-authentic messaging, brand alignment and aesthetic are also a client concern. This was also an opportunity to re-design our current countdown timer design and create a library of options to increase our offerings. I documented these in a way that the team can easily replicate and apply these designs to various client brandings with a low-code lift. 


By considering the concept of a countdown, we can create more authentic urgency tactics as well as interactive aspects such as pausing/playing. 

Why it performs

Creates authentic use of urgency and additional engagement. Additionally, the process is scalable to all clients without added code lift.

Designed for Wunderkind


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